Monday, May 18, 2009

my cOusin's engagement~

On 9th MAy 2009, Saturday there had an engagement of my cOusin..
k.ika with her fiance a.alif,,

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the engagement was held at k.ika's house,,
all our family makcik2 n cousin2 were attend earlier for give some help..
Ohho the engagement is like to prepare the wedding laa...haha,,
almost the engage will have inside a roOm so the future mother in-law will sarungkn a cincin but this one it held at the living hall lg tu..hehe,,
siap ade small pelamin ag..meriah OOow..

SELAmat bTUNAnG k.ika n a.alif
moge bahgie slaLoo~

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here are some pics of the engagement~

k.ika n me

k.ika n her fiance a.alif

hantaran handmade by my aunt~cantek enn..

me n my cousin qeyla

me n k.nana

#there are the siblings#

we are cOusin~[wink2] tumpg pelamin japp,,hehe..

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